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Getting Started with Lore

What is Lore?
Lore is the simple way for instructors to manage their courses and engage their students. It combines robust tools like file management, communication, and calendaring with social networking features so students can communicate with each other.
How long does it take to set up a course on Lore?
Signing up literally takes under three minutes. We’ve designed it to be really easy to set up and get going. Lore gives you the option of creating your course from scratch or uploading information you’ve already created, so the amount of time you spend setting up your calendar and library are up to you. If you ever need help, feel free to email us at concierge@lore.com.
How much does it cost?
Lore is totally free (and always will be). We have great investors who enable us to focus on building great products for students and instructors without having to charge.

How will you make money?
Our business model is very different than other learning management system providers as we don’t target whole schools, but rather individual courses. It boils down to the idea that a platform with millions of students and instructors is very valuable, because it could be leveraged for distributing content and software. There are many possibilities for the future, but right now our focus is on building the platform and providing a great experience.

Setting up a Course

How do I add information to my course?
Every course on Lore has pages called Discussion, Calendar, People, Library, Syllabus, and Settings. Here is where you add all your information – including meetings, assignments, materials, calendar, and more!

What is the Discussion for?
The Discussion is the home for communication with your students. You can create a post, students can comment, or students can create posts and discuss themselves.

What is the Calendar for?
The Calendar is where you add all important meetings, exams, and assignments. You can specify meeting locations, exam dates and times, and assignment due dates. If you decide to have your students submit assignments through Lore, they will do so on the Calendar.

Can I moderate course Discussion?
As the instructor, you can moderate Discussion by deleting student posts if they are inappropriate.

What is the Library?
The Library is where you add all the materials for your course. You can add books, files and links to websites. Lore will pull in beautiful cover art for each book and resource to showcase materials. You can also organize these materials into folders called “Stacks” (i.e. Readings or Non-required material, etc). And don’t worry about storage – it’s unlimited so you can upload any size file!

How do I invite my students, TAs, and co-instructors?
Go to the People section and click on the “Add People” button. You will be able to invite students, co-instructors, teaching assistants or auditors to the course by email or by giving them the link on the screen.

How does the Syllabus work?
You can upload your syllabus to your course from the “Syllabus” page. To make your syllabus more accessible, you can also create your syllabus, by simply copying and pasting the various parts into text boxes you’ll find on the Syllabus page.


How do I add a new Assignment?
Go to the Calendar and you’ll see a button at the top where you can create posts, meetings, assignments or exams. Click on “Assignment”, and fill in the due date and a description.

Where do students see and submit Assignments?
Students see and submit their Assignments from the Calendar. Students will see a “submit” button on the Assignment and can upload a file or paste a link.

Communication on Lore

How do I tell my students about an assignment, exam, meeting, or anything else?
Posting information in the Calendar is how you notify students about important assignments, exams, and meetings. If you just want to discuss something or give an update, the Discussion is the best place for that. Students will receive email notifications of activity on Lore, so even if they don’t check the Calendar or Discussion, they’ll know what’s going on.

Can I send emails through Lore?
Yes, you can send your student, professor, or classmate an email through Lore by going to their user profile and clicking the “Message” button. The recipient will receive the message in their regular email inbox, and you will also receive a copy of the message in your inbox. Replies from the recipient will also go to your email inbox.

Can students communicate with each other on Lore?
Yes. In addition to posting on the Discussion for the entire class to see, students can send private email messages to each other (or to professors). Simply go to the person’s user profile, click the “Message” button, and a window will pop up where you can send an email.

Account Management and Privacy

Who can see my profile?
Your profile is public. Anything you publicly post can be seen by anyone who visits your page (if you’re logged in and looking at your page, you will see private content). But your submissions and other sensitive information will never been visible here.

How do I edit my account settings?
To edit anything about your account or profile, hover over your profile photo (top right corner of the page) and select Settings. Here, you can edit your profile, change your email or password, and edit your notification settings.

What is the difference between Public and Private courses?
If a course is Private, only instructors and enrolled students can follow it. If you make your course Public, anyone can follow the course. That means anyone can see the Timeline, People, and Library, but only instructors, TAs, and enrolled students can participate.

If a course is Public, who can see student posts?
Only instructors, TAs, and other enrolled students can see student posts.

How do I edit a course’s Privacy settings?
When you create a course, you either designate it as Public or Private. To change the Privacy setting, select the course, and click on the gear icon. Here, you can select “Make Course Public” or “Keep Course Private.”

What do I do if people who aren’t students enroll in my course?
Though it’s prohibited by our Terms of Service, there isn’t anything to keep students from passing the course code on to other people. That said, as the instructor you have the ability to remove unauthorized users from the course on the People page by clicking on the “X” that will appear if you hover over their profile photo.

Who owns the data I post?
You do. Just as with services like Youtube and Gmail, you own your data. Lore is just a medium to host it.

How do I delete a course on Lore?
If you visit the settings page for your course, there is a “Delete Course” button at the bottom of the page.

Lore for Groups

How do Groups work on Lore?
Groups are designed for academic clubs, group projects, study groups, and people with common interests who want to connect. You can discuss topics, share files, and plan events.

How are Groups different from Courses?
Groups are very similar to Courses in that they have a Timeline, People page, Library, and Calendar. All of these things work the same way that they do on Courses. However, Groups have no assignments, and instead have an “Info” page where you can add your group’s mission, values, or anything else that helps others understand what the group is about.

How do I create a Group?
Once you have a user profile, you will see a menu across the top of the website: Courses, Groups, Help, and Me. Hover over “Groups” and select “+Create Group”.

Using Lore at your School or Corporation

My school has a deal with other online educational services such as Blackboard and Sakai. Would my school allow me to use Lore?
Lore is independent of schools. It is a free service, much like Gmail and Facebook, and takes only minutes to sign up.

How can Administrators or Instructional Designers provide Lore to their Faculty?
At the moment there is not interface for doing this in particular (shoot us a note at concierge@lore.com if you’d like one). The best way to do this would be to create an account, set up some courses with that account, and then invite the faculty to be “instructors” of that course and remove yourself.

Can I use Lore in a corporate environment?
Yes, absolutely. Lore is a general platform for education and it’s available to anyone, anywhere.

Switching Over from Coursekit

Why did the website change?
We wanted to make it even easier for students and instructors to be able to share and engage online. This is our first big step towards that. Going forward, we will make more incremental updates based on the wonderful feedback we’ve been receiving. For more information about our vision, visit our About page.

Do I need to create a new account?
Nope. The account you previously created will work just fine. To log in, go to lore.com, click “Log In” in the top right, and enter the same email and password you’ve always used.

What will happen to my courses?
Any current or archived courses will always be there, they’re not changing in any way. For the time being, courses created on the old site will retain that format while new courses will reflect the recent changes we made to the site.

I’m currently teaching a course, when will it be migrated to the new version?
We’ll start by migrating courses on request. Email us at concierge@lore.com and we’ll put you on the list for a migration and will reach out when we’re ready.

Can I still use the previous version of Lore?
All courses created after July 16th will be on the new version. And for the time being, previously created courses will remain as they were.

Coming Soon…

Duplicating courses
A lot of instructors teach the same course multiple times. We want to make it easy for you to copy the course information so you can just invite new students and be ready to go.