Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes “The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live.” Introducing a simple teaching tool for exploring complex ideas.

Course management without precedent.

Give your students easy access to readings, links, books and other course materials. Then watch students engage with the content and each other. Plus, save time for teaching with a simple gradebook and calendar.

Instructors have already switched to Lore at over 600 schools including:

Yale Law School
Stanford Law School
Harvard Law School
University of Chicago Law School

“My professor posted a case brief. I was surprised to watch two classmates start a discussion and post links themselves.”

1L, Columbia Law

Effortless grading.

We designed Lore with busy instructors in mind. So Lore’s tools for grading, online submissions, and giving feedback are efficient and easy to use.

Elegant tools for teaching.


You and your students get a rich profile to show off your academic achievements and aspirations. What have you studied, taught? What are your dreams? Follow colleagues and students to stay in touch.



People in your class can post notes, links, videos, and much more. They can comment on or ‘like’ what’s shared. The social media dynamic is natural to your students. It will turn your class into a community.



See an overview of all your class events, meetings, assignments, and exams. You can attach files and students can submit assignments, all in one place. It’s the easiest way to keep the whole class on the same page.



Our gradebook is way easier than Excel and way more powerful than paper. With automatic grade calculations, and in-line student photos, grading becomes much better.



Give individual feedback on assignments. You and your students can now engage in a dialogue right next to the submission.



All your files, links, books, and media in one place—with unlimited storage. We make your materials look great by pulling in covers and previews. Keep resources organized with Stacks, the simple but powerful way to build collections.


Great Instructors use great tools.

Lore is free and always will be.