AI Application List

Work In Progress. This will eventually be a list with thoughtful reviews and analysis on AI products. For now it's just a list. 

AI Writing

Jasper recently raised $125M! AI writing primarily for Marketing and SEO. This is probably the best product out there right now. 
  • - AI writing general purpose.
  • Ryter - AI writing general purpose.
  • WriteSonic - AI writing general purpose. One of the cheapest offerings.
  • Lex - AI writing general purpose. Has a waiting list.
  • OpenAI - AI writing general purpose. Signup and go to the Playground.

AI Art

  • Stable Diffusion - Open source AI art generation. Most flexible.
  • Midjourney - AI art generation. Best looking out of the box.
  • Dall-E 2 - AI art generation. Probably the smartest offering right now.
  • Enterpix - AI-Generated Image Search Engine.
  • Lexica Art - AI Art / Prompt search engine.
  • NightCafe - AI Art generator. They also have an interesting product that helps you create an NFT with AI and list it for sale.

AI Profile Photos

  •  - Create a beautiful AI-generated profile photo
  • - Beautiful AI-generated profile photos from the creator of NomadList.

AI Marketing / SEO

  • Jasper - AI writing primarily for Marketing and SEO.
  • SmartWriter - Ai writing primarily for Business Emails.
  • Postwise - AI for Twitter.

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