Lore Issue #30: Code Interpreter Brings Data to Life

Lore Issue #30: Code Interpreter Brings Data to Life

Good morning.

I can't believe we're at issue #30! And amazingly, our open rate has recently risen to 52%, which is phenomenal. I hope you all are getting value from the newsletter, and I thank you all for being on this journey together!

Small teaser. I have two significant announcements coming this month. One is a major collaboration with 3 of my favorite people in AI. We'll be making the announcement next weekend.

Let's get started.

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The recently launched ChatGPT code interpreter plugin, currently in Alpha and available to select users, is incredible.

The plugin allows ChatGPT to understand and process data, transforming it into valuable insights and interactive visualizations.

Key Insights:

  1. The code interpreter plugin enables ChatGPT to perform tasks like data analysis, visualization, and file conversion for various domains.
  2. This innovation eliminates the need for consulting a data scientist, empowering CEOs and CFOs to gain instant insights for informed decision-making.
  3. Users have demonstrated diverse use cases, such as analyzing music playlists, visualizing lighthouses or UFO sightings, determining optimal locations for living or traveling, basic video editing, and OCR for images.

Actionable Takeaway: Knowledge is power. Consider leveraging this technology to gain a competitive edge in your industry. Early adopters will be better equipped to make smarter, faster decisions.

Code Interpreter Examples:

We created a thread featuring the best Code Interpreter examples we've discovered.


Leaked Google engineer memo warns that Big Tech could lose AI race to the little guys
Tech companies spent years developing AI in a behind-the-scenes arms race, but open source developers are quickly proving capable of catching up.
  • BuzzFeed Will Be “Leaning Into” AI and Creators After Shuttering News Division - Read Article
  • China makes first arrest over ChatGPT use, accuses suspect of using AI to generate fake news - Read Article
  • IBM unveils new watsonx, AI and data platform - Read Article
  • Wendy’s tests an AI chatbot that takes your drive-thru order - Read Article
  • Midjourney is starting work on a 3D model—source: Midjourney office hours.


  • GPTZero raises $3.5M and seeks to thwart AI plagiarism - Read Article
  • Essential AI raises $8M from Thrive Capital - Read Article
  • AI Music separator AudioShake raises $2.7 million from Metallica’s Black Squirrel, Peermusic, AJR, and others - Read Article


Bing is now opening up AI Chat for everyone, announcing improvements like chat history, visual search, and more.

Announcing the next wave of AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge - The Official Microsoft Blog
Just three months ago, we unveiled the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge to reinvent the future of search with your copilot for the web. We aimed to tackle a universal problem with traditional search – that nearly half of all web searches go unanswered, resulting in billions of people’s searche…

Other Tools We Found:

  • Vowel - AI-powered meetings for teams - Visit Website
  • Twelve Labs - Extract anything from videos with AI - Visit Website
  • YouTube and Article Summary - Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT - Visit Website


AI SF | May 15-19
May 15 - 19. An AI week for builders.
  • HackAIthon, hosted by Craft Ventures. May 16th to 18th in San Francisco. - View Details
  • Generative NYC. May 16th in New York City. - View Details
  • Gen AI Unlocked: Applications Today & Imagining Tomorrow. May 11th in Palo Alto. - View Details
  • SF Robotics / AI Hangout. May 11th in San Francisco. - View Details
Find more AI Events here: Generative AI Events List


  • Daily AI Papers by AK on HuggingFace - Visit Website
  • MPT-7B: A New Standard for Open-Source, Commercially Usable LLMs - Read Blog Post
  • Demis Hassabis, the head of Google DeepMind says that AGI is now only a few years away. - View Tweet


(for context: https://twitter.com/nickfloats/status/1654553695135367169)

That's it!

See you next week!

-Nathan Lands

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