How does Lore work?

Producers create a movie project on Lore. It can be just an idea, or a project with a rough draft script. Contributors help by giving notes and contributing art and writing pieces. Once the project is completed, Lore helps put the project in front of potential acquirers.

How is revenue share determined?

At project creation the producer determines which % of revenue they will reserve for the community and themself. Contributors earn credits by submitting pieces to projects and having them accepted. Additionally, if pieces are used in a script the creator will earn significantly more credits. The main writer(s) of the final script will earn the lion's share of the credits. If the script is acquired, the revenue will be split accordingly. However, due to Writers Guild rules, royalties will only be paid to the script writer(s).

When will Lore come out of Private Beta?

We plan to bring Lore out of Beta once we're confident in the product and are mostly getting positive feedback. Lore may still remain entirely private depending on what users want. If we do make Lore public, users projects will remain private by default.