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Let's start using #promptincluded

Let's start using #promptincluded
Summoner's Rift #promptincluded MidJourney Prompt: League of Legends Summoner's Rift landscape, Arcane Netflix show, retro, dreamcore, ultra realistic, Unreal Engine, HQ, highly detailed --ar :9:16

On Reddit subs like r/stablediffusion and r/midjourney, it has become common to use the PromptIncluded flare. This is great for the community, as it allows people to replicate and experiment with ideas created by others. However, I haven't seen this being used anywhere else, such as on Twitter or Instagram.

I'm going to start using the #promptincluded hashtag on all social media when I share A.I. art. I include the prompt as the first comment on the post/tweet. Try it out. I think it's a reasonably good idea, so instead of depending on proprietary websites that store A.I. prompts, we'll be able to generally search the web for #promptincluded.

Nathan Lands on Instagram: “Summoner’s Rift. #promptincluded #midjourney #aiart #leagueoflegends #lolfinals”
Nathan Lands shared a post on Instagram: “Summoner’s Rift. #promptincluded #midjourney #aiart #leagueoflegends #lolfinals”. Follow their account to see 66 posts.