🧙‍♂️ Lore AI Issue #19: Big news week + create commercials with AI

🧙‍♂️ Lore AI Issue #19: Big news week + create commercials with AI
Cover AI Art by <a href="https://twitter.com/LunaMageAI">LunaMage</a>

People are saying Artificial Intelligence is bigger than the internet, and more impactful for humanity. At this stage already, it's left no industry untouched.

It's been another busy week. Let's catch up on everything that's happened.

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In today's issue:

  • 📰 AI NEWS: Amazon AWS partners with HuggingFace | Harvey AI partners with major law firm | Nvidia may see 'significant' opportunity from generative AI | All eyes on Microsoft's AI-powered Bing | You.com launches ‘multimodal conversational AI’ system | Jasper releases new business features
  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: SandboxAQ, Quantum Motion, Previa Medical, Procyon, Hippo Video, Thatch, Carbon Maps, HireSure.ai, Capsule, Avicenna, Smile Identity, Kern AI, Instill AI, Replicate, Lumai
  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: Professor encourages students to use AI in his class
  • 🧠 LEARN SOMETHING NEW: How to create and sell an ebook with AI
  • 📖 FURTHER STUDY: Additional industry links and resources



Try It

AI generation and editing tools are awesome. But how about a platform that generates entire video commercials? 🤯

Waymark has actually made this possible.

Waymark, AI Video Creator
Waymark’s AI video creator makes it so fast and easy to create compelling sample commercials that you can walk into any and every prospect meeting with spec creative.

How it works:

Type in a business and location → Waymark's AI scans the web for local business data and automatically produces a video based on your brand → Polish your video with any last adjustments, and it's good to go ✨


Amazon AWS partners with HuggingFace | Harvey AI partners with major law firm | Nvidia may see 'significant' opportunity from generative AI | All eyes on Microsoft's AI-powered Bing | You.com launches ‘multimodal conversational AI’ system | Jasper releases new business features

Amazon's AWS partners with HuggingFace

Amazon.com's cloud unit is expanding a partnership with AI startup HuggingFace. According to Bloomberg, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will make HuggingFace’s products available to cloud customers — and these products include a language generation tool that competes with the technology behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Harvey AI brings chatbot technology to first major law firm

Harvey AI has partnered with Allen & Overy, one of the world's largest law firms, to automate some legal document drafting and research. More than 3,500 of the firm's lawyers have already tested Harvey, which is adapted from OpenAI's GPT software.

Nvidia may see 'significant' opportunity from generative AI

Nvidia is the "clear outsized beneficiary" among semiconductor companies for generative AI thanks to the technology's heavy compute needs, Seeking Alpha wrote. Nvidia has made notable breakthroughs in the space, including its Hopper H100 GPU announced last year.

All eyes on Microsoft's AI-powered Bing

Everybody's talking about Bing's new AI-powered search. Some point out that it made factual errors in its launch demo. Or that after limiting how much people could talk to Bing, it’s expanding access again. Or that Microsoft is about to monetize its efforts by incorporating ads in Bing AI searches. And Elon Musk seems to love it for all the wrong reasons.

Microsoft shares its responsible approach to AI

Amid public concern regarding the ethical use of AI in general, Microsoft published a statement on how it plans to use AI responsibly.

Microsoft believes that when you create powerful technologies, you also must ensure that the technology is developed and used responsibly. We are committed to a practice of responsible AI by design, guided by a core set of principles: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.

You.com launches ‘multimodal conversational AI’ system

You.com adds elements beyond text (such as a stock chart directly in the chat) to help answer a question more precisely, putting it ahead of much larger competitors like Google.

Jasper releases new business features

Announcing Jasper for Business
Jasper for Business is here. It includes Brand Voice, an API and a collection of other tools to help businesses adopt generative AI.

Who got funding this week

  • Alphabet spin-off SandboxAQ raised $500M to develop commercial products at the intersection of AI and quantum computing.
  • Quantum Motion raised $50.5M to create scalable quantum computers.
  • Previa Medical raised €2.1M to develop predictive medical devices for alerting healthcare providers to the risk of potential complications.
  • Procyon raised $6.5M for its Privilege Access Management platform built for multi-cloud environments.
  • Hippo Video raised $8M to drive sales engagement with personalized videos at scale.
  • Thatch raised $6M to help startups provide competitive health and wellness benefits for their teams.
  • Carbon Maps raised €4M for its AI-powered solution to reduce food industry’s carbon footprint.
  • HireSure.ai raised $2.5M for compensation benchmarking using real-time data.
  • Capsule raised $4.75M for its AI-powered video editor that summarizes text and generates images.
  • Avicenna raised $10M to ramp up global AI solutions for CT screening.
  • Smile Identity raised $20M for ID verification and KYC compliance through AI designed for African faces.
  • Kern AI raised €2.7M for modular NLP development platform.
  • Instill AI raised $3.6M to expand its unstructured data tools.
  • Replicate raised $17.8M to ease AI application development.
  • Lumai raised £1.1M to commercialize its optically trained photonic neural networks.

Further reading on funding for AI startups

  • Australian scientists researching AI to receive funding boost — watch video
  • Johns Hopkins Receives $20M for AI in Aging Research — read article


Professor encourages students to use AI in his class

Many people are scared about how AI is changing the world.

But some understand that change is a necessary part of evolution — and those who adapt are the ones that triumph.

Instead of banning AI tools in his class, one professor is taking a radical contrarian approach and actually encouraging his students to use it.

Here's how it's going 👇

My class required AI. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.
(Spoiler alert: it has been very successful, but there are some lessons to be learned)

What else we found this week

The Generative AI Canon: A learning roadmap for genAI, from concepts to calculus

AI-generated ad creatives that look really good

Generate ad creatives that help you sell more. Fast.
Artificial Intelligence powered ad creative and banner generator for better conversion rates.

Generative AI does some heavy lifting for game dev

A blogging platform that automatically optimizes SEO, speed and best practices

Fast Alternative for Medium and Wordpress Blogs
Superblog is a fast blogging platform that is light-weight, and beautiful. You can focus on writing content instead of managing your server, design, and optimizations.

A funny app that removes your ex from photos


How to create and sell an ebook with AI

How to create and sell an ebook with AI

What previously took days, weeks or months, AI makes possible in hours — and a lot of people are already selling the digital products they create. Here's how you can too.

In this example, we're making an ebook.

Plotline: ChatGPT

Example prompt: Outline a book plot about a dragon, a dwarf who loves potatoes, and a man who falls hopelessly in love with all the wrong women. The target audience is young adults.

Text: ChatGPT

Example prompt: Please help me draft the first chapter of the book you outlined above.

Cover image: Midjourney + Canva

Use Midjourney to generate the artwork, then Canva to add the title text.

Example prompt: Fantasy cover art, a dragon, a dwarf and a man walking in a forest, cinematic lighting --ar 2:3

Where to sell it: Amazon Kindle

Amazon has no policy against AI-generated ebooks, and thousands of people have sold books this way.

If the marketplace feels too saturated, other options include creating a website for your book and promoting it yourself with ads and social media.

ChatGPT launches boom in AI-written e-books on Amazon
Until recently, Brett Schickler never imagined he could be a published author, though he had dreamed about it. But after learning about the ChatGPT artificial intelligence program, Schickler figured an opportunity had landed in his lap.

Further Study 📖

This week's must-read

The Generative AI Canon
A learning roadmap for genAI, from concepts to calculus

Keeping up with the industry

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  • Blackbird.AI to Launch RAV3N Copilot, a Generative AI Solution for Narrative Intelligence & Risk Reporting — read article


  • AI comes alive — read article
  • Sonrai Analytics is taking its AI cancer detection tech to the UAE — read article
  • How UK artificial intelligence organisations are transforming the future of drug discovery — read article
  • Nuclivision' nuclear medicine AI platform raises Luminaires funding — read article


See you next week!

-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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