Lore AI Issue #22: GPT-4 is here

Lore AI Issue #22: GPT-4 is here

The most-anticipated release in generative AI since the launch of ChatGPT is here: GPT-4. Not to mention Google announced AI is coming to Gmail, sheets, docs, meet, slides, and more. And – Runway is teasing a big announcement for later this week.

At Lore, we have an announcement too. Our eBook, published by a major tech company, is coming out very soon—possibly next week. And with how fast things are changing, we plan to work with them to release multiple editions.

We're incredibly excited about the future of AI and how it will change how we all work and live.

In today's issue:

  • AI EVENTS: A16Z + Founders, Inc. join GDC event as partners
  • AI NEWS: Google announces 'magic wand' to draft documents | Groq adapts Meta's chatbot for its chips in race against Nvidia | Discord & Slack integrate ChatGPT
  • WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: Adept, Humane, Mythic, Iktos, FrontM, Burger Index, Vitraya, Monnai, Aiberry, Oculai, CollectiveCrunch, Legislate
  • COOLEST THING: Microsoft Designer
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW: How to use the OpenAI API
  • FURTHER STUDY: Additional industry links and resources

GPT-4 by OpenAI


Try It

Today marks the historical release of GPT-4, which has demonstrated the remarkable ability to achieve a top 10% score on the bar exam. In contrast, its predecessor, GPT-3.5, struggled on the same test, ranking in the lowest 10% of scores.

This revolutionary model is not only multi-modal, meaning it can understand and process text and images, but it's also capable of comprehending humor, such as chicken nugget memes.

One of the standout demonstrations showcased GPT-4's ability to transform a simple sketch into a fully functional website. While the resulting website wasn't perfect, it's clear that future iterations could enable users to create stunning websites using only text or images.

Currently, GPT-4 is accessible to the public through ChatGPT Plus and the OpenAI API, although multi-modal image functionality isn't available to the public yet.

While it may not have fully lived up to the "500x better" hype, GPT-4 is undeniably a giant leap forward, making it increasingly viable to use AI for work today. It now seems highly likely that a future version of GPT will serve as a building block for AGI when combined with other advanced models.

To dive deeper into GPT-4, we recommend reading the full paper.


Event Update: A16Z and Founders Inc join as partners + Discord for the event

Join Discord

The event we're media sponsoring and helped put together at GDC with Scenario and Beamable has new partners, including A16Z and Founders, Inc!

Jon Radoff has put together a Discord and will be live-streaming the event next week, including a live AI art contest! If you're interested in GenAI + Games, join the discord.

Join the GenAI for Games Discord Server!
Check out the GenAI for Games community on Discord - hang out with 360 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Also, Foundation Capital is having an AI Hackathon on Wednesday, March 22nd, in San Francisco.


Google announces 'magic wand' to draft documents | Groq adapts Meta's chatbot for its own chips in race against Nvidia | Discord & Slack integrate ChatGPT

Google announces 'magic wand' to draft documents

Google launched a new tool called "Magic Wand" that uses AI to help people draft documents more efficiently by suggesting phrases and sentences.

Groq adapts Meta's chatbot for its own chips in race against Nvidia

In a bid to compete with Nvidia, chip design firm Groq is leveraging technology from Meta to improve its own chips. Specifically, Groq is adapting Meta's chatbot software to run on its chips, with the aim of making its chips more powerful and efficient for natural language processing tasks.

Discord brings out ChatGPT-like features including AI-generated conversation summaries

Discord is updating its Clyde bot with OpenAI ChatGPT technology that will allow users to have extended conversations with the bot.

+ In case you missed it, ChatGPT is also coming to Slack

Who got funding this week

  • Adept raised $350M to build AI that learns how to use software for you.
Adept Raises $350 Million To Build AI That Learns How To Use Software For You
With new funding that values it at $1 billion, the year-old company already counts Microsoft, Nvidia and Workday as strategic partners.
“A synthesizer lets a musician play sounds of every instrument without having to learn how to play every instrument. We want to build the same thing for computing" — CEO David Luan.
  • Humane raised $100M to build an “integrated device and cloud services platform” for AI. But they're keeping their work super hushed, with not much information on exactly what they're building and how.
  • Mythic unexpectedly raised $13M for AI chips after reportedly running out of funding last November.
  • Iktos raised €15.5M to accelerate AI drug discovery.
  • FrontM raised $1.5M to simplify communication and drive increased collaboration between ship and shore operations,
  • Burger Index raised $1.3M to provide data analytics for restaurants, cloud kitchens, food brands and distributors.
  • Vitraya raised $4.1M for AI and blockchain technologies for healthcare insurance.
  • Monnai raised $6.5M to promote AI-driven decisioning to FinTechs.
  • Aiberry raised $8M to accelerate AI-powered mental health screenings.
  • Oculai raised €2.5M to bring AI-based processes to the built environment.
  • CollectiveCrunch raised €1.4M to enable sustainable forestry at scale.
  • Legislate raised $3.6M to simplify contract creation.


Microsoft Designer

Join the waitlist

A significant player has emerged in the realm of AI-driven design solutions: Microsoft Designer. This innovative product has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach design.

We'd recommend getting on the waitlist for those involved in or passionate about design.

What else we found this week

An open-source alternative to ChatGPT

A glimpse of how AI will revolutionize code migrations


How to use the OpenAI API

How to use the OpenAI API

For developers and startup founders looking to incorporate GPT models in their AI products, we'd recommend OpenAI's Github guide as a starting point for examples and practical information.

GitHub - openai/openai-cookbook: Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API
Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API. Contribute to openai/openai-cookbook development by creating an account on GitHub.

Additionally, Hassan El Mghari from Vercel has a great tweet explaining how you can use OpenAI embeddings to use GPT-4 while keeping costs down.

Further Study

Industry / General

  • Microsoft, Google race to bring generative AI to the office — read article
  • ChatGPT and generative AI are booming, but the costs can be extraordinary — read article
  • Is generative AI really ready for the enterprise? — read article
  • Business leaders’ expectations for AI/ML applications are too high, say chief data officers — read article
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Jobs and hiring

  • An AI Start-Up Boomed, but Now It Faces a Slowing Economy and New Rules — read article

Crime prevention

  • Noda works out AI fraud solution with ThetaRay — read article


  • AI Can Help Credit Unions Make Payments Smarter and Credit More Accessible — read article
  • AI Helps Auto Lenders Navigate Regulators' Scrutiny — read article


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-Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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