🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #14

🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #14
Cover AI Art by Nathan Lands

Good morning.

A lot of exciting development this week. At Lore, we're excited that Michèle du Toit, also known as LunaMage in the AI Art community, will join us full-time as our Chief Content Officer!

Also, our February announcement we've been teasing is coming soon. We can't wait to share a project we're working on with others in the AI community.

Let's get to it.

This issue is brought to you by our sponsor, D-ID. Please check them out, it means a lot to us that they support this newsletter and our community! 

In today's issue:

  • 💡MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT: AI-powered presentations with Beautiful.ai
  • 🎨 CREATIVE REALITY STUDIO by D-ID (sponsored)
  • 📰 AI NEWS: Getty Images sues Stability AI, ChatGPT soon on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service
  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: DeepL, Seek AI, Mad Street Den, Iris.ai, ReelData AI, Flamel.ai, OTIV, Authenticx, Ahura AI, Ferrum Health, Gigged.AI
  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: The first NeRF in a TV commercial
  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: Google's stance on AI content, Lexica has a new outpainting feature

AI-powered presentations with Beautiful.ai 


Try It

Beautiful.ai caught our attention this week with its ability to create stunning, on-brand presentations that look coherent and professionally done.

A single prompt can get you 10 to 20 PowerPoint slides, including layout, text, photos, and icons.

Alternatives: Designs.ai, DeckRobot

Creative Reality™ Studio

by D-ID

Try It

🚩 Sponsor spotlight 🚩

D-ID recently launched the Creative Reality™ Studio, a self-service platform that lets you create videos of moving and talking avatars using Generative AI tools — Stable Diffusion, GPT-3, and D-ID’s unique facial animation technology.

With D-ID's platform, you can add custom-made videos generated from images and text to your presentations, corporate communications, or social media content.

Key features

  • Upload and animate any image of a face
  • Text-to-speech capabilities in 120+ languages
  • Script generation by GPT-3
  • Integration with PowerPoint
  • Upload a voice recording
  • Monthly plans start from $5.99
  • API access for Enterprise clients

✨ D-ID is giving LORE readers a 20% discount off the first month's subscription. Use the code LOREFRIENDS20 to take advantage of this offer ✨


Getty Images sues Stability AI, ChatGPT on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service

Getty Images sues Stability AI

A new development in the legal battle between generative AI companies and content creators: Getty Images has moved to sue the creators of Stable Diffusion and commenced legal proceedings in the High Court of Justice in London for infringement of intellectual property rights.

ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service

ChatGPT is coming to Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, which means that businesses will soon be able to apply for commercial access.

The Financial Times thinks that Microsoft’s $10bn bet on ChatGPT developer marks a new era of AI. And global CEOs can't stop talking about ChatGPT at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

But is it profitable?

ChatGPT is said to cost the company several million dollars per day to run, but last week, OpenAI began piloting a premium version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Professional. Read about potential implications here.

Who got funding this week

  • DeepL raised $100M for its AI-based language translator.
  • Seek AI raised $7.5M to automate critical processes and workflows so data stakeholders can get data fast.
  • Mad Street Den raised $30M to guide AI transformation for large enterprises.
  • Iris.ai raised €12M to use AI for scientific text interpretation.
  • ReelData AI raised $8M to provide customized data and automation to land-based farmers.
  • Flamel.ai raised $2M for its AI-generated content design studio.  
  • Authenticx raised $20M to help healthcare companies listen to their customers better.
  • OTIV raised an undisclosed amount to improve the safety and efficiency of railway transport.
  • Ahura AI raised $5.6M for its AI learning experience platform.
  • Ferrum Health raised $6M to help healthcare providers improve patient care.
  • Gigged.AI raised £1.6M for its AI-powered recruitment software.

Further reading on funding for AI startups

  • Generative AI: The New Frontier For VC Investment — read article
  • Google.org offers funding for AI projects that seek to advance SDGs — read article


The first NeRF in a TV commercial

This video shows you a glimpse of what the future of commercials could look like with AI-powered 3D.

A neural radiance field (NeRF) is a fully-connected neural network that can generate novel views of complex 3D scenes, based on a partial set of 2D images. It is trained to use a rendering loss to reproduce input views of a scene.

What else we found this week

An awesome email assistant called Ghostwrite

This a tweet that makes you wonder what the future of films will be like.

Add context to GPT3 with Godly.ai

This ChatGPT Competitor Wants to Remember Everything for You

This ChatGPT Competitor Wants to Remember Everything for You, Forever
“If you can send a text message, you can train your own AI,” Personal.ai head of finance Jonathan Bikoff tells dot.LA.

Just for fun 💅

Experimenting with how historical figures could have looked


Google's stance on AI content, Lexica has a new outpainting feature

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: Use weights in your prompts to control how much of each element should be shown — credit to Alejandro Aulestia 🫡

Has Google made peace with AI content?

Since the rapid rise of AI writing tools like Jasper and ChatGPT, there's been some debate about whether search engines like Google would rank AI content. Officially, Google's policy is against it. But case studies suggest otherwise 🤔

Lexica has a new outpainting model

The feature is comparable to RunwayML's infinite image, announced late last year.

Further Study 📖

  • How technology will shape healthcare in 2023 — read article
  • MA Collab Funds AI-Based In-Home Care, Aging Pilot Projects — read article
  • CNET's Article-Writing AI Is Already Publishing Very Dumb Errors — read article
  • Hardbacon Launches Bacon Creative, a New Content Creation Agency Powered by AI — read article
  • The Coming Democratization Of Financial Services, Thanks To Artificial Intelligence — read article
  • SeeChange and Diebold Nixdorf team up for AI powered self-checkout technology push — read article
  • India Government to use AI-based matchmaking to connect startups with investors and mentors — read article


See you next week,

Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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