🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #16

🧙🏼‍♂️ Lore AI Newsletter #16
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Good morning.

This week, Michèle du Toit joined us full-time as Chief Content Officer. Expect a lot more GenAI content from us soon, including an eBook published in partnership with one of the largest tech companies in the world.

And we've got partners in Japan now and will translate Lore to Japanese soon. And have a great new engineer from India helping us. We're working hard to become one of the best resources for Generative AI!

Okay, you get it. We're growing. 😅

Let's get to it.

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In today's issue:

  • 🪄 WAND (sponsored)
  • 📰 AI NEWS: Baidu plans to launch own AI Chatbot | Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to throw out AI copyright lawsuit | Shutterstock rolls out a generative AI toolkit | UK Chancellor used ChatGPT to help write his speech
  • 💰WHO GOT FUNDING THIS WEEK: Atomic AI, Inscribe, Hippoc, Hume AI, BridgeWise, Supernormal, Alto Neuroscience
  • 🤯 COOLEST THING: ministudio
  • 🧠THINGS WE LEARNED: AI generator used to make celebrity voices read offensive messages, The looming threat of AI for Google

MusicLM by Google


Try It

Google’s new AI tool can turn text, whistling and humming into actual music 🤯

Researchers at Google have revealed a text-to-music AI called MusicLM that creates songs that can last as long as five minutes.

👉 Try it out here: https://google-research.github.io/seanet/musiclm/examples/

Our experiments show that MusicLM outperforms previous systems both in audio quality and adherence to the text description. Moreover, we demonstrate that MusicLM can be conditioned on both text and a melody in that it can transform whistled and hummed melodies according to the style described in a text caption.


Learn more

We first noticed Wand in December with their impressive demo on Twitter. If they can make it simple and fun to draw, their app could be huge when it comes out soon.

They're now hiring Swift devs with full-stack experience. You can get more info by DMing Wand's Twitter.

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Chinese Search Giant Baidu to Launch ChatGPT-Style Bot

Baidu, known as the Google of China, is planning to roll out an AI chatbot service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT — potentially China’s most prominent entry in a race touched off by the tech phenomenon.

The three companies want to dismiss a complaint that alleges that the AI-powered Copilot relies on ‘software piracy on an unprecedented scale.’

Microsoft and GitHub say the complaint “fails on two intrinsic defects: lack of injury and lack of an otherwise viable claim,” while OpenAI similarly says the plaintiffs “allege a grab bag of claims that fail to plead violations of cognizable legal rights.” The companies argue that the plaintiffs rely on “hypothetical events” to make their claim and say they don’t describe how they were personally harmed by the tool.

Shutterstock rolls out a generative AI toolkit to create images based on text prompts

Customers of Shutterstock’s Creative Flow online design platform will now be able to create images based on text prompts, powered by OpenAI and Dall-E 2.

Last year, Shutterstock and OpenAI announced a partnership to help develop OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 AI image-generating platform with Shutterstock libraries to train and feed the algorithm.

Jon Oringer on LinkedIn: Create Confidently with AI Generated Images | Shutterstock
🤖📣Today at Shutterstock we launch our AI Generative Tool to the public. Describe what you want and get the image instantly. Creatives get paid if you…

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt used ChatGPT to help write his speech on the economy

From the way we communicate and collaborate, to the way we buy and sell goods and services, digital technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our economic lives. How do I know that?
Because I too, just like Matt asked ChatGPT to craft the opening lines of this speech. Who needs politicians when you have AI?

Read the full transcript here | Further reading: Financial Times, Daily Mail, The Independent, The Times

Who got funding this week

  • Atomic AI raised $35M for AI-driven RNA drug discovery.
  • Inscribe raised $25M to fight financial fraud with AI.
  • Hawk AI raised $17M for anti-money laundering and fraud prevention technology for banks and payment companies,
  • Hippoc raised $3M to further develop its first-of-its-kind intuitive AI platform designed for marketing specialists.
  • Hume AI raised $12.7M to endow technology with the emotional intelligence needed to understand and care for human well-being.
  • BridgeWise (formerly known as Deshe Analytics) raised $13M for AI algorithms to analyze companies.
  • Supernormal raised $10M to automatically transcribe and summarize meetings.
  • Alto Neuroscience raised $25M to identify biomarkers to develop targeted psychiatric medicine options using AI.

Further reading on funding for AI startups

  • Artificial intelligence pioneers back $550M fund for AI start-ups — read article
  • Generative AI Startups Attract Business Customers, Investor Funding — read article
  • AI Startup Anthropic Close to Securing $5 Billion Valuation with New Funding Round — read article
  • Chatbot Startup Character Seeks $250 Million, Testing Investor Appetite for AI — read article



Visit Website

We discovered ministudio from our community member Kris, who is now working there as Head of Product.

Based in New York, they're helping turn kids' drawings into comic books! They're making reading fun again for kids. As a parent, I'm really excited to try this.


What else we found this week

GenAI climbing the dimensional ladder

Kris got featured in The Wall Street Journal this week for her work in AI!

New leaps in healthcare: differential diagnosis and clinical plans using AI

GPT as a backend

AI-assisted game dev

Artifact: an AI-driven news aggregation app from the creators of Instagram (coming soon)

The best articles, tailored to you.


AI generator used to make celebrity voices read offensive messages, The looming threat of AI for Google

🥋 Prompt Tip of the Week: Ask ChatGPT to rewrite your writing as different authors (so you can "hear" different writing voices) — Dickie Bush

'Extra safeguards' coming after AI generator used to make celebrity voices read offensive messages

People have used ElevenLabs to create fake clips of Emma Watson reading Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and Joe Biden announcing that US troops will go into Ukraine to fight Russia's invasion.

The looming threat of AI for Google

Gmail creator says ChatGPT will destroy Google’s business in two years
Although ChatGPT is a revolutionary product, Google is also aware of threats from A.I. to its own business and could be working to protect its revenues.

Further Study 📖

  • Macquarie: Next generation AI is revolutionising organisational processes and creative ideation — read article
  • Forbes: The Generative AI Revolution Is Creating The Next Phase Of Autonomous Enterprise
  • Forbes: AI And The Public Sector: Strategies For Success — read article
  • The Economist: The race of the AI labs heats up — read article
  • Top AI startup news of the week: generative AI is blowing up — read article


  • PanopticAI Secures Fundraising Co-Led by Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund and Gobi Partners GBA to Digitise Remote Healthcare — read article
  • Health AI, Biomedical Discovery Projects Win Grant Funding — read article


  • UT Austin to Launch Online AI Master’s Program Next Spring — read article
  • How the University of Florida developed a model for AI across the curriculum — read article


  • C3ai has soared 86% year-to-date as investor frenzy for artificial intelligence builds amid ChatGPT success — read article


  • Is AI ready to take over Formula 1 strategy? — read article


See you next week!

Nathan Lands & Michele du Toit

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