About Lore

Lore means a body of knowledge on a subject, typically passed by word of mouth. We aim to create the greatest source of knowledge and community for Generative AI.

To accomplish that, we are creating resources, software and consulting to make Generative AI mainstream. As well as doing events with the GenAI community. We are most well known for our weekly newsletter which we first published on October 19th, 2022.

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To empower humanity through AI to live better, more creative lives
Our Story
Our founder, Nathan Lands , originally acquired Lore.com to create a community-focused movie-studio in partnership with Barrie Osborne, producer of Lord of the Rings and The Matrix.
After the studio shutdown due to the pandemic and change in financial markets, Nathan decided to pursue a new path with Generative AI after being blown away by GitHub Copilot and Dall-E.
Around the World
Lore is a remote-first company with a global team. The company started in San Francisco. We have people in Kyoto, Paris, New Delhi and more. We're hiring.

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