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How To Use Photoshop Generative AI

Written by Nathan Lands

Photoshop is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way we edit and manipulate images. With the introduction of Generative AI, Photoshop has become even more advanced and efficient in producing realistic and artistic results.

Generative AI in Photoshop allows you to unleash your creativity by automatically generating new content based on existing images or concepts. This powerful feature opens up a world of possibilities for artists, photographers, and designers looking to explore new avenues and expand their creative horizons.

So, how do you use Photoshop Generative AI? Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Update Your Photoshop Version

To access the Generative AI feature, ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop installed on your device. Visit Adobe's official website to download the most recent update if needed.

Step 2: Open an Image

Begin by opening the image you want to work with in Photoshop. Whether it's a photograph or an existing design, make sure it captures the essence of what you want to create.

Step 3: Access Generative AI

With your image open in Photoshop, navigate to the Filter menu at the top of your screen. From there, select Generative AI to access all available options relating to this feature.

Step 4: Choose a Style or Concept

In this step, you'll be presented with various pre-set styles or concepts for generating content based on your input image. These styles include different artistic techniques like Impressionism, Cubism, Pointillism, and more. Select one that matches your desired aesthetic or experiment with multiple options for unique results.

Step 5: Adjust Settings (Optional)

Depending on which style or concept you choose in the previous step, there may be additional settings available for tweaking certain aspects such as brush strokes intensity or color palettes. Feel free to adjust these settings according to your preference or leave them as default if you're happy with the results.

Step 6: Generate Content

Once you've selected a style and made any necessary adjustments, click on the Generate button to let Photoshop's Generative AI do its magic. Sit back, and watch as your image is transformed into a new creation inspired by the chosen artistic style or concept.

Step 7: Refine and Enhance

Once the initial generation is complete, take a closer look at the generated content. If needed, use Photoshop's vast array of editing tools to refine and enhance the result further. This could include adjusting colors, adding or removing elements, applying filters, or making any other creative decisions to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 8: Save and Share

After completing all necessary refinements and enhancements, don't forget to save your work! Choose an appropriate file format (such as JPEG or PNG) that suits your purposes before saving. Once saved, you can share your remarkable generative artwork with the world through various platforms like social media or art portfolios.

Generative AI in Photoshop has undoubtedly transformed how artists approach their creative processes. With its ability to generate realistic and unique content based on specific styles and concepts integrated into this powerful editing software, artists now have access to groundbreaking features that push boundaries like never before.

So why wait? Explore Generative AI in Photoshop today by updating your version if necessary. Unleash your creativity with every stroke of Generative AI technology within Photoshop!