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Podcast Who Weekly: The Ultimate Guide to Pop Culture and Celebrity Gossip

Written by Nathan Lands

Which Weekly Logo

Are you tired of scouring through endless celebrity news articles and trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of pop culture? Look no further! Podcast Who Weekly is here to save the day. This addictive podcast, hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber, has become a must-listen for anyone looking for their fix of hilarious celebrity gossip and a healthy dose of self-awareness.

What Makes Who Weekly Special

Unlike other celebrity-focused podcasts that solely focus on A-list celebrities, Who Weekly takes a refreshing approach by delving into the lives and careers of the seemingly obscure "whos", as they are affectionately called. These lesser-known figures are often found in reality TV shows, social media influencer circles, or working behind-the-scenes within the entertainment industry.

The hosts don't take themselves too seriously; their witty banter adds an element of fun and makes listeners feel like they're catching up with friends over coffee. They embrace the fact that everyone needs some escapism from time to time – even if it means keeping up with people you've never heard of!

A Pop Culture Education

Listening to Who Weekly is not only entertainment but also an education in meme culture, viral trends, Internet slang, and obscure subcultures. The hosts discuss everything from TikTok influencers to failed reality TV stars without missing a beat.

With each episode packed full of meticulously researched information (including extensive show notes), Finger and Weber leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing context for their audience. They expertly balance humor with genuine curiosity about popular culture phenomena that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Delving into "Thems" vs "Whos"

One recurring segment on the show is classifying celebrities into different categories: "Thems" and "Whos." The hosts hilariously dissect the fame hierarchy and define these terms based on a person's level of recognition. It's almost like celebrity taxonomy!

At times, they might even compare celebrities to artificial intelligence in their own unique way. If you're curious about what that means, be sure to check out Gen AI and Generative AI for an interesting exploration of the topic.

Listener Interaction and Engagement

Who Weekly has created an incredibly dedicated fan community through its online presence and active listener engagement. Fans are encouraged to submit inquiries, clarifications, or amusing anecdotes about lesser-known celebrities. The hosts often read these submissions on air,

This interactive aspect sets Who Weekly apart from other podcasts as it creates a sense of inclusivity and makes listeners feel like they're part of an inside joke. The hosts genuinely appreciate their loyal fanbase – a testament to their down-to-earth nature.


If you're tired of mainstream celebrity news or simply want something light-hearted yet informative, Who Weekly is the podcast for you. Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber offer listeners a genuinely enjoyable ride through pop culture's nooks and crannies while keeping it real.

Ready to join the Who Weekly community? Tune in now to stay in the loop with all things related to "thems" and "whos," with occasional references that may make you ponder artificial intelligence – check out Gen AI or Generative AI for more mind-bending insights!