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What Podcast Should I Listen To Quiz

Written by Nathan Lands

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through lists of podcasts, never knowing which one to listen to? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Take our "What Podcast Should I Listen To Quiz" and find your perfect match!

Question 1: What Are Your Interests?

a) Entrepreneurship and business.
b) True crime and mysteries.
c) Science and technology.
d) Self-improvement and personal development.

Link: If you are interested in science and technology, check out Gen AI.

Question 2: How Do You Prefer Your Podcasts?

a) A lively host discussion with guest interviews.
b) A captivating storytelling format.
c) Well-researched discussions on complex topics.
d) Practical advice presented in a straightforward manner.

Link: If you enjoy captivating storytelling, we highly recommend exploring Generative AI.

Question 3: What Is Your Preferred Podcast Length?

a) Short episodes under 30 minutes.
b) Engaging episodes around 45 minutes to an hour.
c) In-depth conversations that may stretch over an hour or more.
d) Bite-sized episodes with quick tips or insights.

Question 4: Humor or Seriousness?

a) Bring on the humor! I love a good laugh while learning something new.
b) I prefer a balance between humor and seriousness for an engaging experience.
c) Straight serious talks without any fluff or unnecessary jokes work best for me.
d) It doesn't matter as long as the content is valuable.

Question 5: Do You Prefer Host-Dominated or Guest-Dominated Episodes?

a) Host-dominated episodes where the host's expertise shines through.
b)) Guest-dominated episodes where interesting individuals share their stories and experiences.
c)) A mix of both host and guest perspectives.
d)) It doesn't matter, as long as the content is insightful.

Question 6: How Do You Feel About Podcasts with Ads?

a) Ads are fine, as long as they are relevant and don't interrupt the flow too much.
b) Ads are a dealbreaker for me; I prefer ad-free podcasts.
c) I can tolerate ads if they support the podcast and don't overwhelm the listening experience.

Question 7: What Is Your Preferred Format?

a) Interviews and discussions with experts.
b) Entertainment-focused podcasts such as comedy or pop culture.
c) News analysis, current events, or investigative journalism.
d) Step-by-step guides or actionable tips for personal growth.

Question 8: Where Do You Prefer to Listen to Podcasts?

a) At home or during my daily commute.
b) While exercising or doing physical activities.
c) Anywhere and everywhere!
d) During downtime at work or when multitasking on daily tasks.

Now tally up your answers!

If you answered mostly a's, you might enjoy business-oriented podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show that offer valuable insights into entrepreneurship and success stories.

For those who answered mostly b's, immersive storytelling podcasts like Serial or Criminal will keep you hooked with captivating narratives from the world of true crime.

If you selected mainly c's, check out informative science and technology discussions such as Gen AI, where experts dive deep into cutting-edge topics.

Lastly, if you picked mostly d's, practical self-improvement shows like The Life Coach School Podcast will provide actionable steps for personal growth.

No matter your preferences, there's a podcast out there waiting to captivate and educate you. Happy listening!